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mit dem 911er-sound im ohr
auf die welt gekommen…
born with the sound of 911 engines in the ear…

it was at the beginning of the 70's porsche wrote race-history and set milestones on the circuits of the world. in that time i was born with the sound of the legendary 911 and specially the sound of the rsr! from childhood i was fascinated of the timeless beauty, but nevertheless on weekdays useful of porsches. 24 years old i bought proudly my first 911, many will follow... today i'm ceo of an insurance company, but in my spare time i addict to my passion 911, given that it has a lot of like minded people i decided at the end of the century to found rsr classic. idea of the company was: providing enthusiastic rsr people a platform, where experience, know-how and spare parts can be changed. i like to provide my comprehensive knowledge and relations - for loving original restoration, perfect clones, spare parts or technical details. what ever you like - i will find a way and a fast one...

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